If you’re over 40, eat pesto for health and longevity

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If you are over 40 years old and exercise regularly, you know that a healthy diet is vital. We usually take care and forget to cook fresh foods for food, and instead eat for convenience. One of the problems that worries us as training enthusiasts is cell repair, cell damage, and free radicals.

Free radicals are not a terrorist group, at least not in the political sense, these cellular insects are produced by everyone from increased metabolism to environmental pollution, cigarette smoke and chemicals in our homes. They cause cell damage and lead to disease and premature aging.


Researchers have found that antioxidants are the natural force fields of cells that protect cells from excessive damage caused by free radicals. This is one of the reasons we are asked to take vitamins and mineral supplements daily so that our cells can fight our chemical and polluted environment.

If you put more pressure on your body through exercise, you can work well with muscles and joints, but it is still a process of destroying your cells to restore them stronger and better.

One of the keys to adding antioxidants to your diet is to cook fresh foods for your daily meal. Many of us understand that eating fresh food is not easy, but it is vital. Fresh vegetables and fruits are important for our overall protection. Basil is one of my favorite seasonings and contains many antioxidants and other health benefits. Two key components in basil, orientin and vikenin help protect chromosomes and cells from free radicals and even radiation.

Antibacterial agent

Ancient herbalists and housewives used oil as an antibacterial agent before they knew what kind of bacteria they were. As an anti-inflammatory, many herbalists recommend daily use of basil oil as a means to curb symptoms of arthritis, prevent vascular headaches, and even prevent the accumulation of cholesterol.

A study by Baroda University in India showed that basil helps to significantly reduce fasting blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. This means that type 2 diabetics can use basil in their methods to control diabetes.

If you work with a sharp knife by hand, you will get an incredible variety of flavors from your pesto. I still use the food processor when I’m in a hurry.

The amazing thing about Pesto sauce is that every ingredient (well, maybe not cheese) had incredible health benefits. Pine nuts have the highest concentration of oleic acid. It is a monounsaturated fat that helps the liver remove harmful triglycerides from the body. It helps protect our heart.

Garlic helps to heal pain to control high cholesterol. I could continue the garlic, but I do not have enough space.

Olive oil removes mucus from LDL (the level of bad cholesterol), while increasing HDL (good cholesterol). High oleic acid helps protect your heart and stomach.