Different Kinds of Photobooths: Pick The Right Choice

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The idea to have a photo booth at any event was a novel thought. But, times have changed. Booth craze has taken off and photo booth becomes common as professional photographers and disc jockeys. Photo booths are an exciting way to add some fun to almost any event. The same as hiring a vendor, it is essential to know that you are getting. This content will add some clarity to aid you to make the best choice in selecting KL photobooth for your event.

Which photo booth is right for your event?

Indeed, you can get the right booth for you. But you have to consider the crowd. If the group is laid back or reserved in nature, it might be the right choice. Photo booths are very much appealing to all ages. If you are seeing your guests getting bored, a photo booth can’t make them feel that way. The theme of the celebration must complement to the photo booth.

Kinds of photo booths

The kinds of photo booths are very important. A kind of event has the right photo booth, it should complement. If you are organizing a celebration, you must check out the kinds of photo booths. Basic photo booths come in 4 varieties:

1.) Traditional arcade style booth. This is a booth that resembles photo booths which is popular in arcades in the late 70s and 80s. What makes this booth advantage is being the retro feel and look. The downside is that this booth generally just accommodates 2-3 guests at a time. Also, it tends to be a common expensive offering.

2.) Open-air photo booth. Primarily a booth without the enclosure. The guests regularly stand in front of a background. The advantages are no limit of people that fit. The charges are normally reasonable. The downsides are the lack of privacy as it only uses a curtain.

3.) Pop-up style booth. This kind of booth is increasingly becoming more common. You can imagine a pop-up tent with sides. It is very essential to see exactly what you can get. The advantage of this booth is the ability to accommodate numerous people over the arcade-style booth. It typically accommodates 10 guests. The downside is the picture quality. It is often lacking and the booth that tends to get warm.

4.) Drape and pipe style booth. This kind of photo booth is the most exciting and fun booth. It is normally used in an event or celebration. It makes the entire party more meaningful and memorable. This is good news for camera-shy people. If they are not comfortable with taking pictures by a photographer, why not let the photo booth capture your beautiful smile? it would be fun as you can use props that makes you look different or unique. It will be the weirdest or cutest picture ever that you can have.