A Brief On Hong Kong HSK Preparation Course

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hong kong hsk preparation course

HSK tests can be difficult. But with guidance, one can crack them. You can even prepare for the test online, at your comfort. This article will provide a short guide on the hong kong hsk preparation course to help you choose the right way to success.

Types Of Packages

There are different options to consider according to your needs. Some of them are listed below.

  • Speaking: Our Mandarin courses improve oral communication skills with certified instructors focusing on pronunciation, grammar, intonation, vocabulary, and other language elements. Mandarin courses for beginners develop skills in understanding words, grasping information, formulating questions, distinguishing emotions, and understanding syntax.
  • Speak and write: It has both speaking and customized classes to deepen their Mandarin knowledge while improving their conversational skills. It increases understanding and fluency.
  • Tailored tutoring: The curriculum includes approved textbooks or learning materials specifically designed to meet the needs of the students. Courses cover various elements of Mandarin, including phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, and Chinese characters. They are suitable for both beginning and advanced students to achieve their goals. In addition, schoolchildren can receive extra help with their homework, and qualified native-speaking teachers can help them prepare for exams and dictations.

Besides, you also get a free trial to ensure the selected course is right for you. Also, Mandarin conversation courses do not provide certification training beyond HSK speaking.

HSK Preparation Course For HSK Level 1-6 | That's Mandarin


There are several advantages offered by these courses being online. Some of them are listed below.

  • Flexible timings: They recognize that sometimes you may be unable to attend your scheduled lesson due to unforeseen circumstances. For this reason, there is a five-hour cancellation policy. If you notify them at least five hours before the start of the lesson, you can reschedule without losing your place.
  • Exam preparation: The instructors have extensive experience helping students prepare for Mandarin exams such as HSK and YCT. They apply teaching strategies proven to improve students’ exam performance. In addition, they can customize the course to meet your institution’s requirements.
  • Tailored curriculum: The teachers are native Chinese speakers who also speak English, so they can create a curriculum that fits your needs, whether your goal is to become fluent in Mandarin or you need help preparing for an exam.
  • Personalized class notes: The teachers ensure you retain the information by providing notes that cover the entire lesson. It helps you maintain your attention and train your memory.
  • Homework: The instructors will give you assignments to work on outside of class. They ensure the exercises are engaging and appropriate for your language level. Students who have completed these tasks have done well on the HSK test.
  • Duration of lessons: With all Mandarin tutoring packages, students have two lesson formats, either 25 or 50 minutes. However, younger students often recommend 25-minute lessons. Some analysis has shown that younger students are better able to focus and pay attention in shorter classes resulting in better learning outcomes.

Thus, you now have brief information on the hong kong hsk preparation course, from its types to benefits. You can go on to have an empowering test