What are the distinctions between real and compound chocolate?

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Cocoa mass and cocoa butter are the two main components of real chocolate. A product is considered true chocolate if it contains at least 35% total cocoa mass and 18% cocoa butter, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Cocoa powder and vegetable fat are used to make compound chocolate. It is a less expensive substitute for real or pure chocolate. Compound chocolate is also less complicated to make since it does not require tempering to get a glossy surface. This article will look at what makes them different, and how chocolates like chocolate ecológico affects your health.


The composition is the primary distinction between compound chocolate and genuine chocolate. As previously stated, true chocolate has cocoa mass and cocoa butter, whereas compound chocolate contains cocoa powder, vegetable fat, and sweeteners. Compound chocolate is also known as coating chocolate, confectionery coating, non-temper coatings, or baker’s chocolate in the trade.


Cocoa butter imparts a rich, velvety texture to real chocolate, making it great for enjoying slowly. Cocoa butter is made up of intricate crystals that must be tempered. As a result, real chocolate requires a little more time and care, but correctly tempered chocolate is glossy, has a pleasing snap, and melts softly on the tongue, producing a really decadent-tasting experience.

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Compound chocolate is simple to make. It has a slightly greater melting point because it is made from vegetable fats. It will need a thorough chew or some patience before melting at 45°C, rather than dissolving on your tongue with the first mouthful. You can try having chocolate ecológico


Is compound chocolate different from genuine chocolate in taste? It certainly does. Cocoa butter provides true chocolate a smooth texture and improves its fragrances and subtle tastes. Compound chocolate, on the other hand, has a lower cocoa butter content and a larger sugar content. As a result, it is sweeter. The richness of flavour supplied by real chocolate, on the other hand, will be absent.


Compound Chocolate is well-known for its low cost. As a result, it is popular in the baking and culinary industries since it aids in the bulk manufacture of inexpensive sweet delicacies for consumers. Compound chocolate, in addition to being cheap, can be quickly melted and poured without tempering, making it suitable for filling and coating candy bars and biscuits. Real chocolate is noted for its rich flavour and shiny texture. As a result, Premium Chocolates are manufactured from 100% Pure Chocolate. It is also utilised in the preparation of high-quality sweets.