Adjustable Desk Singapore: The Best in Town

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Adjustable Desk

An adjustable desk is conceived for reading, writing, drawing,standing up, or sitting on a high stool. These desks help to increase blood flow, burn calories, reduce lower back pain, and improve posture. These adjustable desks are also believed to increase workers’ productivity.adjustable desk singapore provides the best quality desks all over the world.

Where can one find the best Adjustable Desk in Singapore?

ErgoworkisAsia’s leading brand in holistic ergonomics, wellness solutions, and posture. They offer an extensive range of high-quality, user-friendly, and comfortable ergonomic products renowned for their health benefits, features, and professional services delivered to their customers. The extensive range of products is professionally endorsed and recommended by the Chiropractic Association  (Singapore) and Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

adjustable desk singapore

What type of Adjustable Desk doesErgowork offer?

They provide desk and tables weather adjustable and allow their customers to maintain a healthy posture and fit. The features include-

  • Programmable Control Panel- It encourages a healthy sit-stand balance work style, reducing health issues caused by a sedentary working style. While working,  alternating between sitting and standing postures regularly would help reduce fatigue and increase concentrationand blood circulation.

The control panel has a display for height readout and memory up and down manual adjusting functions to store customers’favorite stand and sit positions. One has to click down on the button on the control panel’s bottom edge to raise or lower the height of the work surface.

  • Smooth Height Adjustment- They are electric height adjustable desk frame that ensures a smooth and comfortable height adjustment experience for users to adjust the ideal desk height, whether sitting or standing, with a comprehensive range of products in shapes such as Rectangularand L-shaped.
  • Anti-collision Function- The lifting columnhas a 2.0 anti-collision technology that halts. It reverses the tabletop for any detected object or obstruction and instantly stops and reverses to avoid damage.
  • Dual motors- It is designed with a dual-motor mechanism that could support a max load weight of 130 kg on the tabletop.

Whatare the benefits of having an Adjustable desk?

Adjustable desks and tables are gaining popularity because they help deal with back issues related to long hours of sitting and working. Alternatively, standing and sitting positions could also alleviate back pain and discomfort caused due to prolonged postures like hunching over one’s desk as when one writes. 65% of people using these desks reported an increase in productivity and improved concentration.