Types of virtual medical consultations

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virtual medical consultations

Are you tired of waiting in clinic queues for your token number to arrive? If the answer is yes, that means you are unaware of the fruit of the latest technology.

online medical consultation is a facility that allows the exchange of information between a patient and doctor through the internet. This feature is a privilege provided by the hospitals that serve customers online and offline. All that is needed is a registration to schedule an appointment with specialist healthcare professional for a certain sum. The consultation can be an audio call or a video call. This facility eliminates the need for travel and energy consumption from home to the diagnostic centre,

Common kinds of health discourses are

  • Teleconsultation
  • Video consultation
  • Live chat

Teleconsultation: This is a mode of consultation where the patient verbally shares his concerns and receives feedback from the medical practitioner. It is one of the convenient forms of communication for a customer, who wants to get the best health advice from a professional from a reputed health institution without transportation. The facility can be availed through a normal phone call or software designed for the calls.

online medical consultation

Video consultation: The term “video” summarizes the concept. A case is solved through a video channel, could be from an app or over WhatsApp as per the organization policies. It is one of the effective means as the sufferer can clearly show the injured organs or damaged area for better treatment.

Live chat: It is a type similar to a conversation between friends. The tolerant has the freedom to share issues in text with the healthcare individual and gain prescriptions accordingly. This feature is availed through an application or website of the medical institution.

Another common feature of all the above is emailing the prescriptions for customers’ easy access. This indicates that there is no need for a physical file to save medical history.


The internet-based feature is helpful to people who stay far away from hospitals and who prefer online medical consultation.However, it is to be noted that this aspect of treatment is applicable only in certain cases.

For example, if an individual has already met a doctorin person and wants an analysis of medical reports of prescribed tests.

The other scenario could be a covid patient who needs monitoring of mild conditions until full recovery.

Health problems such as physical injuries, cancer and other similar cases have to be discussed with the doctor in person.