Antenatal Care In Singapore – What It Is And Why It’s So Important

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Antenatal Care In Singapore - What It Is And Why It's So Important

Antenatal care in Singapore is critical because it influences your baby’s future health. If you’re planning maternity leave, your doctors will likely want to discuss your postnatal care with you. From low-cost to high-quality care for pregnant women, Read about antenatal care singapore and learn why it’s essential.

What is antenatal care in Singapore?

The purpose of antenatal care in Singapore is to prepare pregnant women for pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. It is delivered both by healthcare providers and government agencies.

Why is antenatal care so critical?

Caring for a baby is an essential pre-pregnancy activity. It is fundamental to a healthy baby’s development and well-being. If your baby is not well-hydrated, is not sleeping, is not eating regularly, or is having a hard time dealing with an increased risk of newborn complications, early antenatal care can save your baby’s life.

What services are included in antenatal care?

antenatal care singapore

Several services provided during Pregnancy in Singapore can help care for your baby:

  • Pregnancy assessment: This is your first port of call when you are unsure about your pregnancy. It would be helpful if you did this with a health practitioner or freelance nurse practitioner.
  • Labor and delivery: You will have your first labor experience, and you will likely need some medical assistance during this process. Many health professionals in Singapore have the expertise and experience to help you deal with this momentous event in your life.
  • Postpartum care: After your baby is born, you will likely begin the process of taking care of your newborn child. This is where antenatal Singapore comes into play.
  • Accident prevention: Your baby’s growth and development will be closely monitored in the weeks and months after birth. The risk of developmental delays and mental retardation increases in children after birth. Since health providers deliver antenatal Singapore, they can help you identify what needs attention.
  • Preventing further complications: This is the final goal of antenatal care in Singapore. You will be encouraged to eat and consume a healthy diet to prevent the growth of extra organs and the spread of chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver, heart, and lung diseases.


Once a woman discovers herself being pregnant, she should work with her doctor to develop a prenatal care plan for the entire pregnancy. Antenatal testing is usually planned for a normal pregnancy without serious complications.