Oyster Delivery Services in Singapore

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Oyster Delivery Services

A variety of salt-water bivalve mollusk families that live in marine or brackish habitats are known by the common name oyster. There are species in which the valves are highly calcified and some of them are somewhat irregular in shape. There are many oysters that are in the superfamily Ostreoidea, but not all of them.Various types of oysters are commonly consumed (cooked or raw), and in some locales are considered a delicacy. Oysters from which pearls are produced are harvested for their mantles. The translucent shells of windowpane oysters are used to make a wide variety of decorative objects, including ornaments. There are many oyster delivery singapore.

Why opt for oyster delivery?

The most appealing feature of oyster delivery services is that they cut out the middle man. They can purchase oysters directly from aquaculture farmers and fishermen in addition to getting fresh, live oysters. It depends on where and when oysters are raised when they are harvested, and what conditions they grow in on how they taste.After that, it is up to the oyster delivery service in Singapore.

oyster delivery singapore

Benefits of oyster delivery services

When it comes to oyster delivery service in Singapore, it is not easy to ship safely, and without seeing it in person beforehand, it is hard to know if it is as fresh and good as they want it to be.

  • Instead of settling for re-frozen products, get seafood straight from the boats;
  • Get access to fresh fish and shellfish whenever and wherever one wants;
  • One can choose from a greater variety of seafood items than virtually any store offers;
  • One can opt for home delivery, which is convenient;
  • Their seafood is cheaper thanks to the direct cooperation between seafood deliveries and fishermen;
  • Getting the exact seafood item, one wants is never a problem.


As a general rule, supermarket seafood can hardly be considered fresh. The chances are high that if it was farmed or caught, it was frozen and sent for thawing, processing, freezing, then being shipped back. The product often thaws during transportation and needs to be refrozen. After that, it may sit for a while in the frozen section of a local store before it ends up in one’s cart, after spending a lot of time in storage facilities and transportation. In addition, seafood sitting on a bed of ice instead of being kept in a freezer will not be as fresh. Normally, frozen fish has been thawed and placed on ice. The fish may have been thawed before as well.oyster delivery service in Singapore makes sure that the oyster is in proper condition that is fit for consumption.