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S17 Durian

If you ask someone about their favorite Durian species, they will usually answer Mao Shan Wang because it is in many local desserts of the country. If you are a Durian lover, you need to try out the s17 durian which is underrated in the market, and not many people know about this. It is a rare Durian species, and its thick creamy taste makes it a delight for people to enjoy.

About the S17 Durian

  • It is a rare species that isn’t found easily in the market and has a pale color.
  • It is filled with the strong taste of umami, and if you want to relish the taste completely, you should eat it when it’s ripe.

You can get the best quality Durians from the online store and get home delivery at a reasonable price. The delivery fee is free if you order these Durians over the price of $120. The best part is that you get fresh Durians for all the orders, and they don’t compromise with the quality.

s17 durian

Some benefits of Durian that make them good for your health

  • Durian has carbohydrates in abundance which makes it a good energy source and helps people perform daily activities.
  • It has an impeccable flavor and ample energy that can last you for a long time after the intake of this fruit.
  • It improves the health of your gut due to the presence of insoluble fibers that helps in the digestion of the body.

Get the home delivery of the S17 Durian

You have the option to go to the store and purchase the fruits if you don’t mind the trouble, but if not, you can order them online. Gone are the days when you had to travel to the market to buy fresh fruits as now you can get them right at your doorstep with an online order. The store dehusks the Durian once the order is placed, so you can be ensured that you will never get the stale fruit. You get the neat and clean vacuum packaging that preserves the flavor of the fruit and delivers it in the best condition. You get the quality Durians based on their availability, and different seasons and timing will have more ripe and delicious Durian than the rest of the time.

If you want to enjoy the delicacy of this fruit, place your order at the store now.