Why Should Every Business Have bizSafe Training?

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Why Should Every Business Have bizSafe Training?

If a business wants to succeed, it has to keep multiple things in mind all at once. One of the factors that should not be left behind is a healthy and safe environment for the employees. If the working environment is suitable, there will be growth in the business. To ensure workplace safety, one must be aware of health enhancement and risk management ideas. No business is pre-equipped with these skills. Almost every company is working towards achieving that goal by using different programs like bizSafe training. Let us have a look at what this program is and how it benefits an organization.

What is the bizSafe program?

bizSafe is an enterprise security program that helps businesses to develop Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) capabilities to improve the standards of the workplace environment. It is a 5-step program, and bizSafe certification also allows the companies to tender for government-related projects.

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Levels of the bizSafe program

The five levels of the program are mentioned below:

  • bizSafe Level 1 – It demonstrates the management commitment through a workshop for CEOs/Top management.
  • bizSafe Level 2 – In this level, risk management capabilities are acquired in a 2-day course.
  • bizSafe Level 3 – In this, the risk management is implemented and is assessed by an approved independent WSH auditor. According to the auditor’s report, the enterprise may be recognized as bizSafe Level 3.
  • bizSafe Level 4 – In this, the trainer acquires the ability in managing the WSH systematically by selecting a WSH management system. It is a course for 4 days.
  • bizSafe Level 5 – In this, excellence in the WSH management system is gained.

Benefits of bizSafe

You might wonder what the benefits of bizsafe training are. Companies that have clearance of the bizSafe training program are listed on the website of the WSH council and can display the logo of bizSafe on their business collaterals like name cards, letterheads, etc., which reflects the business’s commitment to the safety of their employees.

In addition to this, the company also enjoys many other privileges offered by bizSafe partners like financial institutions, government agencies, insurers, big suppliers, and corporations.

Do you need bizSafe certification?

You might wonder whether your business needs a bizSafe certification or not. Yes, it does. The lack of WHS standards can harm the workplace in more than one way. Work incidents can reduce the productivity of your business. For this reason, bizSafe certification is a necessity for every business. You should not be the only one to reject this.