Office Cabinet Singapore: An Overview

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In the most simple context, a filing cabinet is a piece of office furniture for storing paper documents in file folders. It is an enclosure for drawers in which items are stored. The two most common filing cabinets are lateral and vertical files. One often might see the best quality files in an office cabinet Singapore.

Where could one find the best files in Singapore?

Filedex is best known for providing the best product reliability and modern designs in Singapore. It works under the brand Eagle Safes- Korea has since grown and is associated with cash management and vital records protection. It is committed to delivering high-quality products, development, and excellence in design.

What type of cabinets does Filedex offer for offices in Singapore?

It is necessary to protect confidential and essential files from theft and damage. The brand provides high-quality fireproof safes cabinets. In a professional environment, essential documents must be organized and protected from accidents. Their metal fireproof file cabinets have a lock for maximum security and durable material that won’t go up in flames in an emergency. Their file safes come in a range of sizes, including double drawer cabinets that could easily be confined under desks to their four drawer cabinets that are ideal for a more significant business; with a wide range of products, their fire-resistant metal cabinet would keep the employees’ private documents are protected in any circumstances, further protecting their company and brand’s confidential information in Singapore.

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The advantages of these fire-rated cabinets are-

  • It offers up to 90 minutes of Fire Protection certified by SP NT-fire 017 90P at 925°C.
  • The eagle fire-resistant filing cabinet offers a smooth and quiet suspension filing system that protects essential documents from fire.
  • It features a central locking system that collectively permits the locking of any of the drawers’ independent lanes, with the master drawers at the top.
  • Each drawer can carry close to 200 kg and is insulated independently to stop the fire from spreading to other drawers.
  • It comes with either a mechanical resettable combination lock or an electronic keypad. It also offers a key lock for each drawer.

If one has to discuss any fire cabinets in detail, they must contact the brand as soon as possible to get their secure safes ready. Apart from office cabinets, they also provide a range of night deposit safes, data media safes, and more so that the employees can secure everything they need to protect.