How does delta-8 THC work?

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Delta 8 wholesale

Delta-8 THC, or as everyone thinks of it, “synthetic weed” (due to its effects on the human body), is sold legally in Delta State for recreational use. However, like all narcotics, it must be abused.


Delta-8 THC is not only the most powerful hallucinogen known to man, it is also one of the most expensive. Because of its strength and because it can be grown in unlimited quantities (see “growing delta-tet”), THC has become a common drug among many people who could otherwise never afford drugs. For this reason (and for other reasons which I will get into later), delta 8 wholesale has played an important role in my life.



The only store selling “Delta-8 THC” is called Blunstone’s Headshop; formerly Blunstone’sMeatshop (they changed the name when they realized people didn’t want to buy raw chicken and pork while high). It sells everything you could need for an awesome trip: colored bongs/pipes, ashtrays (for joints), bubblers (for hash oil), pipes for water filtration; anything your little heart desires.


Delta 8 wholesaleThey also offer free samples of their products. If you ask for a “free sample” to the cashier, he gives you $10 of Delta-8 THC in powder form (green, tan or pink). You can also get it in resin form by purchasing at least $20 worth of product.


The shop is located on 7th Street and 4th Avenue; across the street from an authorized medical dispensary.

Delta State sales tax is 5% which brings the price up to about $10/gram (before tax), but when smoked it feels like about half that amount. For comparison, I like how weed makes me feel when smoking it in joints; whereas bulk delta 8 wholesale in resin form gets me high as fuck.


Delta-8 THC sublingually absorbs into the oral mucosal tissue of under your tongue. It also takes effect faster than smoking marijuana because it enters the bloodstream right away without having to pass through the stomach where it would be broken down by gastric acids before entering the blood stream. Very little delta-8 THC is lost during first passes through the liver and none is lost during second and third passes.


The only thing that you should know before starting your treatment with delta-8 THC is that it will not give you a “high” feeling. It will produce no euphoric effects, paranoia or intoxication because delta-8 THC has such low affinity for CB1 receptors in your brain.