Being Careful About the Post Pregnancy Diet

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A post-pregnancy diet plan is a reward for new moms. After you have gone through a trial – childbirth, you will not only face new problems, obstacles and responsibilities, but also face the problem of getting back into shape. And having the right confinement food delivery that you can use as a guide will help you stay on track toward your goals.

Diet plan after pregnancy

Follow a 3-2-1 diet

In fact, it’s one of the best diet programs because you don’t make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to food. The 3-2-1 diet consists of 3 main meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), plus 2 snacks and 1 liter of water.

That’s a lot if you look at it from a different perspective, however, meals and snacks are smaller portions and the foods you need to cook need to be healthier. If you are breastfeeding, this is also a good way to protect yourself. Eating less food can cause a drastic drop in energy levels.

More protein for your main meal

Protein helps keep our bodies strong and makes us feel fuller for longer. Your food should not be deficient in protein. Choose the best types of protein like egg whites, chicken, seafood, etc.

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However, you also need to be careful about the way you prepare your food. For the egg, carefully separate the white from the yolk, as the yolk contains more fat and cholesterol. Be sure to grill or broil your chicken as fried chicken adds a lot of oil and fat.

More colorful plate

They say that the brighter your plate, the healthier your body will be. So load up your plate with colorful vegetables and fruits. When preparing your salad, also think about what kind of seasoning you are using. Instead of using high-fat mayonnaise or mustard for a dressing, mix in something light, such as citrus zest and juice, and then combine with the garlic and olive oil.

For fruits, eat them in moderation for 2 weeks after delivery. It contains starchy carbohydrates that really contribute to bloating. After two weeks of restricting starchy carbohydrates, you will lose excess fluid in your body.

Keep your post-pregnancy diet plan simple. Many women don’t know what to do when it comes to dieting, simply because they are overly informed or misinformed. Stick to what’s good for your health and make a meal plan for the rest of the week so you know exactly what to eat, at what time, and on what day.