Reasons Off-Site Beats the Airport Parking

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Suppose you think that parking at airport is an easy and convenient option, you just have not tried the offsite parking. And this alternative provides travelers many key benefits. Actually, many SeaTac flyers depend upon a fact that Seattle Airport Parking provides the best solution till now. Consider following reasons to select our facility rather than spending more dollars on the parking when you are out of town.

SeaTac Offsite Airport Parking Is Very Cost Effective

To a lot of people, top reason for parking offsite is savings on the rates. Difference in the pricing is quite astonishing. Current parking rates at airport are much more than what you are going to pay for the daily web rates! Also, weekly rates for airport parking facility come to 3 times the web rates. Airport’s current coupon still makes you paying around twice what you will in one week at Seattle Airport Parking when you book in advance. Daily airport is twice the web special rates.

Best Security

Why will you pay higher price for parking? You may think that the airport parking is the safer option. But, offsite facility offers round-a-clock security. This lot is nicely lit, thus you do not have to worry about not feeling safe when you transition from the parking spot to airport shuttle. The lot is paved that eliminates issues of walking unsteadily on gravel or mud. Safety is the top priority to ensure security of the vehicle while you leave them here.

Free Airport Shuttle Service

Airport shuttle services to & from airport is totally free while you park on the lot. There are red buses available consistently, 24hours daily, 7 days week. This shuttles run each 15 minutes, thus you do not need to worry of missing the plane. During the peak hours, you will find many shuttle services to ensure fast and convenient service. While you pull in the lot, just consult attendant about your arrival of next bus. While you return to the SeaTac Airport after the trip, you may make the call and request your time of next shuttle back in the lot.

No matter whether you are planning the business tour or thinking of spending quality time with family this weekend, you just have to book flight tickets, pack the stuff, and drive your car to the airstrip. However remember, before you start the trip, it is very important you pre-book the safe airport parking for the time of the travel to avoid any hassles that you will face at airstrip. Furthermore, while it comes about placing the car at airfield, you may easily use internet or make yourself quite familiar with various websites that are devoted to the airport parking.