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IMovie Video Editing Software

Flip recordings have become very famous among customers who need to shoot direct and also fast recordings. Moreover, many of these clients use Mac OS and must edit video in iMovie on their Mac; In any case, video clippings cannot be legally inserted into imovie free download for Windows, and to edit video clippings using iMovie, you must switch the video clips to iMovie formats. Therefore, iMovie has two accompanying sections for editing flip recordings.

Import Flip into iMovie

Since iMovie does not support inverted recordings, you shall require a converter. Doremisoft Flip Converter is an exceptionally pragmatic and easy-to-use Mac app that allows customers to switch between flip and iMovie modes. Click here to download this app, and also follow the guidelines below for changing to iMovie flip records:

Stage 1: Add Flip Video

Uncheck the “Include file” box to enable the flip records that you want to edit in iMovie for Doremisoft Flip Converter.

Step 2. Select the iMovie format to convert.

Uncheck the Profile drop-down list and select the iMovie format to switch flip recordings.

Step 3: Convert Flip Video to iMovie

Click the “Start” button in the lower right corner of the interface to start switching flipped recordings to iMovie.

IMovie Video Editing Software

Step 1: Import the modified flip video into iMovie 

Select “Import Movies” from the “Document” menu and use the program to select the edited recordings. You can hold the Shift key to select and enable various entries. At this point, click on the “+” button in iMovie to take one more step and name this new venture.

Currently, you can see imported recordings in the imovie free download for Windowsvideo clip segment. Drag them onto the iMovie chart.

Stage 2: organizing video orders

Drag video documents to the course of events to organize them in the request that you need.

Step 3: select transitions

In case you need to apply changes to the transferred records. You can select Transitions in the Window menu, pick the perfect replacement, drag and drop it between any two scenes.

Stage 5: set the start and end

Snap an anchor symbol to go to the schedule view. Here you can trim the point fasteners for progressive precision editing. Just use the gamepad during events and select the final and final focus.

Step 6: crop and edit the video

Select one clasp from the video and click Crop catch to crop it. Select at least one entry and set the “Video Settings” symbol to change the effect of the video.

Step 7: Other Editing

Editing tools also allow you to include content, effects, and sound effects. You can try playing around with these devices to understand how you need to edit your posts.