Things One Should Know About Gulf Shores Golf

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The game of golf, once which was considered as the Oldman’s play is now turned into a young adult’s passion. This game of ball and club has come a long way 15th-century sport to modern day class game. This game originated in the highlands of Scotland and traveled the whole world and made a dignified mark and started an entirely new culture.

Nowadays when we use the word golfing, another word that pops in one’s head is gulf shores. Gulf shores golf is developing as one of the major attraction spots for golfers. The reason for this mass magnetism is not only luxurious services and facilities provided but the ambiance as well. Strategically located in the southernmost tip of Alabama, the humid subtropical climate of the Gulf Shores provides dense vegetation and hence, a mesmerizing lush green landscape. Surroundings can be very well described by words as serene, calm and tranquil. One can say this is a heaven for golfers.

Golf Courses

There around 15 gulf shores golf clubs that provide different packages. Every club has its own tournaments, own challenges and own sorts of amusements. These clubs also offer facilities like lodging, different golf courses, area info, etc. Parkland course, Scotland course, dessert course, Executive course are some types of courses commonly seen in this area. These clubs allure a large number of tourists and are quite a popular vacation hub.

These clubs promise supercalifragilistic expialidocious facilities in gulf shores golf. They have one of the magnificent infrastructures. These include 5 -star eateries, exquisite lodging facilities, ace level gym, and fitness equipment. Apart from resorts, one can definitely lend a condo. These condos have more homely feeling and cozier in compared to the lavish resorts. Such clubs and resorts have become really popular among families during the vacation. Another benefit of these clubs is social connect. One gets to meet people of similar interest, enhances their golfing experience.


Since 2010, Alabama has been one of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States.  Stats show around 5.7 million people visited the state, leaving a fortune of $ 3.5 billion in the year 2013 and this stat has been increasing year after year. Similarly, in 2017 the tourism industry grew by $1 billion. Roughly around a decade ago, there were 20 to 25% lesser players than today. This increment can be associated with the splendid success of gulf shores. There has been a tide in these gulf shores golf clubs that have risen the market so marvelously. The United States alone comprise of a highest number of courses in world rounding up to 45% of the total. This itself explains the love of the country for this game.