Questions to Ask a Child Custody Lawyer

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Child Custody Lawyer

When you are fighting a child custody battle, you have to prepare yourself for the grueling process but it can be bearable if you have the right lawyer. Fortunately, there are many child custody lawyers you can consider but you should pay more attention if you want to prevail in court.

When looking for the right Houston custody lawyer, it is important to ask the right questions before making any decision. To help you, here are the questions you should ask a child custody lawyer to determine who you are going to work with:

What is your background?

The first thing that you should ask is the background of the lawyer. You should particularly look into the following:

1. College, law school and associations: you should ask where the lawyer attended college and law school. Aside from that, you should also ask if the lawyer is a member of any bar associations and other professional organizations.

2. Experience: the next thing to ask is the number of years in child custody law. This is important because child custody cases are highly sensitive and if the lawyer is not well experienced, you stand to lose the case.

3. Clients: you should also ask how many child custody cases the lawyer handled. While you are at it, you need to inquire if there are any custody cases similar to yours.

Child Custody Lawyer

What is your legal philosophy?

By knowing the lawyer’s legal philosophy, you will know his/her style in practicing law:

1. Process: you should ask the lawyer how he/she works with clients and the processes. Let the lawyer outline your options.

2. Personality: by knowing the personality of the lawyer, you can decide whether he/she is right for you. At the bare minimum, the lawyer should be approachable enough.

How will you manage child custody issues?

When it comes to managing your child custody issues, you should know the following things:

1. Accessibility: you have to ask if the lawyer is available anytime you need him/her. While you are at it, ask if the lawyer will personally handle your case or if there are other experts handling the case. If there are other experts, make sure to learn about their backgrounds.

2. Communication: you should ask the best way to reach the lawyer and how quickly he/she can respond.

How much is the estimated cost of the custody case?

Finally, you should know the costs associated with your case. You can ask about:

1. Legal fees: you should know how much the lawyer charges for his/her services. You have to be aware that many lawyers bill per hour. While you are at it, you have to ask if the lawyer requires a retainer payment.

2. Payment terms: as for the payment, there are lawyers that will give you options.

Final words

Hiring a child custody lawyer is not cheap but with so much at risk, it is crucial to ensure that you are only getting the best service. By putting careful thought in your decision, you are increasing your chances of a favorable custody agreement.