How to Apply Properly To the USCIS

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Many people encounter problems when they are applying to the USCIS, which is the acronym for United State Citizenship and Immigration Services.  The process can be challenging, especially for individuals that do not have much experience about how it works. The USCIS is the major government agency in the United States that is concerned with the issues of immigration. You can check out the website at The organization is highly demanding as far as the issue of application is concerned; immigrants are usually required to submit several documents.

If this is your first time of ever applying to the USCIS, then you will need professional help so that you will not have to face the usual challenges and difficulties that others are facing while applying. The help of the professional will ease up the entire process.

The all-important immigration form

To get the filing process done properly, you can visit for helpful information. You also need to understand the immigration form and know which areas you are supposed to fill, as well as, what information you should provide on each of the spaces provided on the form.  The form to fill depends a great deal on the particular type of application that you want to file.  The various forms of applications are highlighted below and each of them has its specific form with each one requiring specific types of details:


  • Petition for Alien Relative (Form I-130)
  • Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
  • Application for Naturalization

There are many other types of forms aside from the ones mentioned above. You can check each of the forms to know what will be required of you when filling the form.  The particular purpose of approaching USCIS will determine the type of form you need to fill. Make sure that you always fill the correct form and provide all the required details to brighten your chance of acceptance of your application.  For example, you will only have to apply for naturalization if you are interested in a green card.

Bear in mind that the application will be rejected if you make the mistake of filing the wrong form.  If your application is rejected, the money you have paid for the processing will never be refunded.  You will have to make another payment if you want to file another application. You should then make sure that you properly check the form that you want to fill so that you do not end up making any mistake whatsoever in the process.