Euro Truck Simulator 2: A Guide to Expanding Your Truck Business

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 will allow you to virtually develop your driving skills and expand your trucking business across Europe. As soon as you considered the Euro Truck Simulator 2 download, you should start paving your way to success.

It is crucial that you pick the right truck. As soon as you are ready to take jobs at the Freight Market, your goal is to do multiple driving jobs. If you do multiple driving jobs, it will not be for long that you will receive an in-game email from the bank notifying you can expand your business for 400,000 euros.

This will signal that you are already in mid-game. In mid-game, your goal is to expand your business and ensure that it is profitable. Here are some tips on expanding your business:

Purchase new garages

The first step to expanding your business is purchasing a new garage. To purchase a new garage, you need to drive over the green icon in the city of your choice. It is important that you have the money from the bank before purchasing.

Buy trucks for new garages

It does not matter what city your garage is, the important thing to do is to start filling it with drivers and trucks. To buy new trucks, visit the truck dealer found in your main menu. This is until you possess at least five trucks. If you possess more, you can use “online” purchases.

Hire drivers

When you buy new trucks, you need more drivers. To find drivers, you need to head to the recruitment agency. The agency will give you options. When choosing, be sure that you considered the skills that match the closest to the recommended skill point assignment.

Do not hire drivers unless you can provide them with a truck. If you do this, they might quit after a few days. As with the driver rating, it will increase as soon as they level up. It is wise to assign the new drivers to your newly purchased trucks.

Set the training policy of newly hired drivers

For newly hired drivers, you need to set the training policy. To do this, you need to go to the driver manager then set it to Long Distance. When you are playing, you will receive notification as to what your drivers are doing. If they level up, you can check driver management then change the training, as you deem appropriate.

Do not stop driving

At the onset, your drivers will lose a bit of money but they will make a profit as soon as they level up. For this, you need to continue driving to cover the slight loss. It will be to your advantage if you have a bit of extra cash hanging around.

Considering the second expansion

As soon as your drivers are bringing in enough profits to cover your 400,000 euros loan, you can start with the second expansion. The second expansion involves purchasing a new garage. To help maximise your profits, you need to choose a city near the edges of the world map. This will allow your drivers to pick up long distance jobs, which will give you higher income possibilities.