All You Need to Know About Friggebod

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All You Need to Know About Friggebod

Friggebod is a type of house that does not require any kind of a permit in order to plan or build. These houses are very common in Swedish lands. The dimension of these houses are generally not more than 15 square meters and the altitude of the house does not extend over 3 meters. The name of these houses is been derived from the name of Birgit Friggebo. He was the minister of housing in the Swedish government when this kind of houses was granted permission for building and planning. The year when these type of houses became in trend was in the year 1979. This article will guide you with all the features and uses of friggebod.

Attributes Of Friggebod:

  • No permission required: No permission is required by in order to plan and build this kind of houses. The only thing which should be kept in mind is that the dimension of these houses should not cross the area of 15 square meters.
  • Can be bought online: These houses can be bought from different online platforms. These websites sell various types of friggebod with different rooftops, wall thickness, windows, doors, and building materials.
  • Easy installation: These kinds of houses can be installed very easily. This kind of house does not require any kind of expertise or heavy machinery in order to get installed. The procedure of installation is very easy as well as time-saving.
  • Versatility: These types of sheds can be used in various ways. They can be used to store toys for your kids, they can act as an office space for someone, a hobby house where a person can spend their leisure hours or for someone they can serve as a cosy romantic place.
  • Cost: The price of these houses is very cheap when compared to making a brick house. Moreover, the friggebods saves time and money of a person and also give an aesthetic look. They also enhance the look of your gardens.


Applications Of Friggebod:

  • Office space: A person wants to have a work-life balance, what if it is told to you that one can now have a separate office that too in the premise of your house. By installing this shed one can use it as a comfy office space within the home. This is totally separated from the building of your home and hence no one can disturb you when you are working.
  • Garden tools: They can also serve as a place to store garden tools and toys of the kids. This will help in protecting them from environmental changes that can damage them.
  • Hobby house: One generally doesn’t find a proper place in their house where they can spend some quality time just with themselves. This type of garden sheds can help in providing a peaceful shelter in order to do your favourite leisure time activities.
  • Romantic destinations: Often people want to have a location where they can spend some good time with their loved ones in natures lap. The shed with a glass roof can provide a romantic and cosy dating destination.

Friggebod is a shed which can be easily bought and can be used for varied reasons. First, build in the year 1979, these houses are not more than 15 square meters in areas and are generally gound in Sweden.